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Eyes and Brows

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Contact Lenses and You


        Contact lenses just don't free you from your eyeglasses, you have clearer vision.                           Contact lenses can also allow you to change the color of your eyes.                                                With contact lenses advancement, many more patients are                                          able to be first time contact lens wearers.                       

Our Optometrist will make the best recommendations for your lifestyle and vision needs.

        With the help of your doctor, patients can determine if daily, weekly or monthly contact lenses fit your style best.                      Contact lenses now not only allow you to change your eye color, but some also have a blue block filter built in a lens design.                      

 Reading glasses getting lost all the time, then try multifocal contact lenses instead.   

Patients with high prescriptions and or astigmatism will benefit wearing contacts.

Contact lens exam is an additional cost above your routine comprehensive eye exam.


Please let your scheduling representative know you would like a contact lens exam in addition to your eye exam.

Color Contacts
Contact Lens Solution
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